New to dentures? You’re not alone. We can help you start this new phase of your life with confidence.

It takes a great deal of care and experience to design fine dentures that will improve both a person’s appearance and function. Not only do we do full and partial dentures, we can duplicated the appearance of your natural teeth. Your smile will be created specifically for you. No one but you will know you wear dentures and so you can eat and speak with comfort and convenience.

However, a denture is a tool that you must learn to use. They

are not like your natural teeth. Dentures are made of plastic

(acrylic). They can break and they do wear over time. We cannot

determine how long a denture is going to last because every

patient’s mouth is different and there are several factors as to

why a denture can break or wear out.



Our services include:

  • Free consultations
  • Complete dentures (all natural teeth missing)
  • Partial dentures (some teeth missing)
  • Implant retained dentures
  • Same day relines
  • Same day repairs (most within a couple hrs or less)
  • Soft relines

Please see our Services page for detailed information regarding our services.